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    Introduction To Linux Commands

    Smashing Mag continually publishes great work. This tutorial/Beginner’s Guide is no exception. Introduction To Linux Commands | Smashing Coding.

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    Some Good Advice About the viewport meta tag

    Stop using the viewport meta tag until you know how to use it – htmlboy.

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    Mobile’s Influence On Startup Design

    Interesting article talking about how the relatively new world of mobile technology has influenced new businesses. The Clean Web Movement: Mobile’s Influence On Startup Design | TechCrunch.

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    Rendering a Web Page

    Here is a brief overview of the steps taken when you go to a webpage. Very interesting if you ever wanted to know more about your browsing. Rendering a web page – step by step – Friendly Bit.

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    Black Mesa

    I just got to the end of Black Mesa and I have to say, that it was awesome. The chapter order was changed for the better. One disappointment: no Xen 🙁 I WANT MORE! The conversion is fantastic. And another thing. Seeing that Gordon Freeman is a 27 year old man made me feel old.…

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    Google Drive Integration For Its Video Editing Tool

    Seems like a really useful tool. Magisto Reveals Google Drive Integration For Its Automatic Video Editing Tool | TechCrunch.

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    Waste Time. Civilization 5.

    I have successfully wasted hours of my life. I have taken over the world by force, through diplomacy and the power of culture. I have researched technology from the wheel to the atomic bomb. Civilization 5 has not disappointed. After about a month of mashing my brain with hexagonal warfare, the time has come for…

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    Get Ready to Waste Hours

    The ‘one more turn’ phenomenon known as the Civilization strategy series is about to be upgraded. Civ V will be coming out in a couple of weeks sporting a new UI and tons of improvements to the now classic Civilization IV. By restructuring the UI , the designers were able to help the player focus…

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    New Posts and Your Mortal Soul

    Is there a God? Who will tackle the mounting social problems facing Muslims in the US? Bigots at Ground Zero and they also want to see your papers. The War in Iraq is over for the third time in a decade and more feudalism please!