Jesse in 2010

Jesse Fasano is a web designer and web developer with over two decades of experience. He has been working almost exclusively with WordPress since 2010. Jesse works on an individual basis but has, on occasion, worked with several designers to iterate and develop engaging websites under the trade name Graynoise Media.

The sites used by two of his most recent clients are the main conversion mechanism for their respective businesses. This represents, literally, millions of dollars in sales and provides his clients with an incredible return on investment. His work has included both front-end and back-end roles in solo, end-to-end projects.

His understanding of how to properly engage with AI as a research and assistive tool, along with his wide breadth of prior knowledge allows him to accurately evaluate the information AI tools provide. He believes his research skills are and have always been one of his greatest assets.

He also believes “reinventing the wheel” is possibly one of the most burdensome pursuits to a business. At the same time, he understands the value of creating custom solutions and not always trusting the work of third parties. Jesse will provide a great value to any business or company he works with.

He is an avid writer and is passionate about whatever he puts his mind to. He is a lifelong learner with a wide variety of interests including landscaping and gardening, writing, music, sports, gaming, history, politics, family, and mountain town life.