Black Mesa

I just got to the end of Black Mesa and I have to say, that it was awesome. The chapter order was changed for the better. One disappointment: no Xen 🙁 I WANT MORE! The conversion is fantastic. And another thing. Seeing that Gordon Freeman is a 27 year old man made me feel old. [...]

Adobe Shadow

I was unaware of this program until just now... about to download it. I'll post more about it after a couple weeks. Download Adobe Shadow - Adobe Labs. And, I haven't forgotten about those screenshots. I will get them up here as soon as I hear back from my client.

New Site Design

I just posted this new layout. Hope you like it! I have said elsewhere that in the past few months I have had this obsession with blue. All shades and variations. I couldn't help but choose a cool color to immerse myself in. I express this infatuation in, not only this layout but, also one [...]