• New Site New Life

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    After many long years of not really publishing anything here, I’ve decided to write more and keep up with my thoughts by using this area to provide updates on what’s on my mind. The past decade+ has brought a lot my way. Becoming a father to two beautiful young ladies has consumed my time and…

  • Introduction To Linux Commands

    Smashing Mag continually publishes great work. This tutorial/Beginner’s Guide is no exception. Introduction To Linux Commands | Smashing Coding.

  • Some Good Advice About the viewport meta tag

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    Stop using the viewport meta tag until you know how to use it – htmlboy.

  • Mobile’s Influence On Startup Design

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    Interesting article talking about how the relatively new world of mobile technology has influenced new businesses. The Clean Web Movement: Mobile’s Influence On Startup Design | TechCrunch.

  • Rendering a Web Page

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    Here is a brief overview of the steps taken when you go to a webpage. Very interesting if you ever wanted to know more about your browsing. Rendering a web page – step by step – Friendly Bit.

  • Fullscreen Video Slideshow

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    Awesome! I will be trying this out very soon with a few ideas for new designs. Fullscreen Video Slideshow with BigVideo.js | Codrops.

  • Guidelines For Designing With Audio

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    This was a good read. It contains some basic concepts and techniques to work with while using audio in design. Guidelines For Designing With Audio | Smashing UX Design.

  • Black Mesa

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    I just got to the end of Black Mesa and I have to say, that it was awesome. The chapter order was changed for the better. One disappointment: no Xen 🙁 I WANT MORE! The conversion is fantastic. And another thing. Seeing that Gordon Freeman is a 27 year old man made me feel old.…

  • Google Drive Integration For Its Video Editing Tool

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    Seems like a really useful tool. Magisto Reveals Google Drive Integration For Its Automatic Video Editing Tool | TechCrunch.

  • Sticky Menus Are Quicker To Navigate

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    Remember everyone, the navigation of a website is probably its most important piece of its design. Sticky Menus Are Quicker To Navigate | Smashing UX Design.

  • New Google SEO Rules for WordPress Users

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    It’s good to stay up on this type of thing. Google is continually attempting to subvert the cause of the ranking scammers. I also think that with the explosion of the social media scene, things had already been changing with rapid Google algorithm updates. As the social media platform evolves, I imagine we will see…

  • Adobe’s CSS Shaders Now an Official Web Standard

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    Now this is cool. I’ll be using this technique on future projects! Adobe’s CSS Shaders Now an Official Web Standard | Webmonkey |

  • New Site Design

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    I just posted this new layout. Hope you like it! I have said elsewhere that in the past few months I have had this obsession with blue. All shades and variations. I couldn’t help but choose a cool color to immerse myself in. I express this infatuation in, not only this layout but, also one…

  • Quick Update

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    Hello everyone! If you are a new visitor to the site, take some time to look around and, as always, please contact me if you have questions and especially if you need some work done. I wanted to add an update since it has been so long. A lot of work this summer as well…

  • What is WordPress?

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    It seems there is some confusion about what exactly WordPress can do. WordPress is not only blogging software but is also a cms (content management system). It can be customized in almost every way. There is a difference between (the wordpress hosted blog) and (the self hosted wordpress installation option). The latter is…

  • Graynoise Media

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    I have finally gotten around to setting up a page for Graynoise Media. This is my freelance design trade name and has been my online moniker for quite a few years. This is exciting for me. I’ve been wanting to do this for quite some time and now that I have a decent portfolio I…

  • Waste Time. Civilization 5.

    I have successfully wasted hours of my life. I have taken over the world by force, through diplomacy and the power of culture. I have researched technology from the wheel to the atomic bomb. Civilization 5 has not disappointed. After about a month of mashing my brain with hexagonal warfare, the time has come for…

  • Boulder Fire (Four Mile Canyon)

    It was about a week after moving to Boulder that the fires started and they were only about 20 or 30 minutes from the new apartment. Looking to the West, a great cloud of smoke could be seen. It blocked out the sun for at least two days. It hurt to breath for about 24…

  • Get Ready to Waste Hours

    The ‘one more turn’ phenomenon known as the Civilization strategy series is about to be upgraded. Civ V will be coming out in a couple of weeks sporting a new UI and tons of improvements to the now classic Civilization IV. By restructuring the UI , the designers were able to help the player focus…

  • It Continues

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    I’m sure there is more than enough coverage of sports but I must say that the Rockies continue to amaze. Another magic month indeed. Jason Giambi saved the day. With him at the plate and one on, he hit the walk-off home run driving home two and sealing the deal. It’s just amazing how someone…

  • Expect to be Impressed

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    And now for something completely different. The Rockies are in the race again and it couldn’t be more exciting. It seems that every year someone steps up to carry the offense on their shoulders. This year that man is Carlos Gonzalez. The consistency issues for the team as a whole seem to have subsided as…

  • New Posts and Your Mortal Soul

    Is there a God? Who will tackle the mounting social problems facing Muslims in the US? Bigots at Ground Zero and they also want to see your papers. The War in Iraq is over for the third time in a decade and more feudalism please!

  • Not Hip

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    Who’s hip?

  • A Second Welcoming

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    More is coming. Putting the pen to the paper is where I will start.