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Web Design

Function and aesthetics for your business. Web Design and UX are the most important aspects to a good website. Graynoise Media offers full service, start to finish web design services. What good is your online presence if it’s generic? Building something with a unique identity in mind is key to success.

Anyone can use a drag and drop website builder. But not everyone can provide an actual custom designed and developed solution or service. From logo design & web design to web development, let us build a custom web experience for your business! Take a second to view our general pricing guide and connect with us.

Web Development

Utilizing the power of modern web technology shouldn’t be something you have to worry about. Let us handle all the technical stuff. With over 20 years of experience in web development, Graynoise Media can provide the services you need to make your business look good and give your users a smooth experience.

Located in Gunnison, Colorado, Graynoise Media focuses on small & medium sized business websites. The aim is to provide clients with the latest and most effective technology for their needs.

WordPress, Squarespace and More

WordPress is an extremely flexible platform. It can provide your business with a robust array of easily accessible tools and easily customized solutions. Additionally, Squarespace offers customizable designs and marketing solutions with dozens of features making it easy for you to get started and go live quickly.

Our experience building websites for more than two decades guarantees you a wealth of experience. We’ve seen a lot come and go and know what is most effective.

Graynoise Media also offers custom solutions and consulting services including but not limited to:

  • Marketing
  • SEO
  • Content creation
  • Video streaming


When it comes to performance, we strive to develop relatively lightweight CMS websites. But many clients don’t need something like WordPress or even a standalone CMS. In this case, Squarespace or even a basic HTML/CSS site with a vibrant logo and contact information works perfectly.

Whatever you choose, or have chosen and may need assistance with, Graynoise Media can provide you with high-quality, high-performance options. The aim is to give you and your customers/users experiences that are delivered quickly and something that leaves them with great impressions about your company, services, and products!


On request, Graynoise Media can also offer fast, reliable, and cheap hosting for your new site. Thanks to Digital Ocean, setting up a scalable VPS is a no hassle process that gives you more control over the performance of your hosting experience. If that’s not what you need, we’ve worked extensively with other hosts over the years. This includes Green Geeks, Blue Host, Go Daddy and more.

Need a web developer, website hosting management, or technical support? Reach out to discuss what your business needs to be successful. We’re eager to meet new clients and to begin the work of growing your online presence ASAP!

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