New Site Design

I just posted this new layout. Hope you like it! I have said elsewhere that in the past few months I have had this obsession with blue. All shades and variations. I couldn’t help but choose a cool color to immerse myself in. I express this infatuation in, not only this layout but, also one […]

Graynoise Media

I have finally gotten around to setting up a page for Graynoise Media. This is my freelance design trade name and has been my online moniker for quite a few years. This is exciting for me. I’ve been wanting to do this for quite some time and now that I have a decent portfolio I […]

It Continues

I’m sure there is more than enough coverage of sports but I must say that the Rockies continue to amaze. Another magic month indeed. Jason Giambi saved the day. With him at the plate and one on, he hit the walk-off home run driving home two and sealing the deal. It’s just amazing how someone […]