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  • Shapes, Patterns, and Web Design

    Shapes, Patterns, and Web Design

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    After a couple days of essay length posts, today, I want to briefly talk about the basic placement of shapes in design. The simple use of patterns and shapes, and how they, as the most basic ingredient in art and design serve as the foundation of any layout. The reason I want to go over…

  • AI vs. Creativity

    AI vs. Creativity

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    Trends for the latter half of 2024 and into 2025 suggest a shift towards simplicity. A certain generic simplicity. It’s not quite minimalism but a type of recitation. Some type of repetition of sometimes bad information and other times poor substitutions for creativity. AI hallucinations. By the sheer magnitude of AI generated copy circulating the…

  • Get Ready to Waste Hours

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    The ‘one more turn’ phenomenon known as the Civilization strategy series is about to be upgraded. Civ V will be coming out in a couple of weeks sporting a new UI and tons of improvements to the now classic Civilization IV. By restructuring the UI , the designers were able to help the player focus…