New Site Design

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I just posted this new layout. Hope you like it!

I have said elsewhere that in the past few months I have had this obsession with blue. All shades and variations. I couldn’t help but choose a cool color to immerse myself in. I express this infatuation in, not only this layout but, also one of my new sites:

With this update I wanted to include my latest design but, alas, time did not forgive me this time. I should have something to post in a few weeks. A local business’s website (Estes, CO) is in need of some heavy-duty maintenance. Every facet of the site will be renovated. I was also approached by two other companies and will have more details about that shortly. In the mean time and as always, take a look around and do not hesitate to get in touch. If you have a website that is hard to update or just plain old and rusty, get in touch!