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  • Black Mesa

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    I just got to the end of Black Mesa and I have to say, that it was awesome. The chapter order was changed for the better. One disappointment: no Xen 🙁 I WANT MORE! The conversion is fantastic. And another thing. Seeing that Gordon Freeman is a 27 year old man made me feel old.…

  • Waste Time. Civilization 5.

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    I have successfully wasted hours of my life. I have taken over the world by force, through diplomacy and the power of culture. I have researched technology from the wheel to the atomic bomb. Civilization 5 has not disappointed. After about a month of mashing my brain with hexagonal warfare, the time has come for…

  • Get Ready to Waste Hours

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    The ‘one more turn’ phenomenon known as the Civilization strategy series is about to be upgraded. Civ V will be coming out in a couple of weeks sporting a new UI and tons of improvements to the now classic Civilization IV. By restructuring the UI , the designers were able to help the player focus…