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What is WordPress?

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It seems there is some confusion about what exactly WordPress can do. WordPress is not only blogging software but is also a cms (content management system). It can be customized in almost every way. There is a difference between wordpress.com (the wordpress hosted blog) and wordpress.org (the self hosted wordpress installation option). The latter is one of the best cms applications I have ever used. WordPress can handle high traffic and is adept at avoiding spam (within the right hands).

I know some of you will say “…but I don’t want a blog.” Well, that is the point. WordPress can be a blog but it can also be so much more. In fact, if you do not want a blog (posts/comments), that part can be left off of your site completely. WordPress plugins/functions are easy to create. This means that you can have an easily updated inventory or a database of photography and videos. The possibilities are almost endless.

For instance, I am working on a site that I chose to compile in wordpress. It is not a blog, it is a product inventory/description site. I began developing a custom cms program for this client but was not happy with the process of development. Rather than reinvent the wheel, wordpress was there to show me its ease of use.

WordPress is literally thousands of lines of code and is a beast that has become more and more domesticated over the past 8 years or so. Sites built using wordpress as their back-end are very popular. In fact, wordpress is one of the most popular content management systems in the world. It is easily configurable. It is easy to customize and your current design can be adapted to fit around the skeleton that it provides. So, for those less inclined to start-up a blog, allow me to recommend wordpress. For those who wish to start-up a blog, try wordpress.

I can design you a wonderful site using wordpress as the glue that binds it all together as well as update your current wordpress installation/design. If you need assistance with wordpress, I can help you! Post a comment or Drop me a line.

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