Basics of Design 6/3/2024 – 6/8/2024

  • Layout: Magazine Spreads and Website Design

    Layout: Magazine Spreads and Website Design

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    6 minutes

    Layout is the simple act of arranging elements on a page. In magazines, well-designed layouts entice us to read more deeply into an article, while the layout of a website can determine how quickly information is found. Understanding the principles behind layout, whether for print or web, unlocks a powerful tool for visual communication. The…

  • Typography Trends and Shaping Your Designs Through Text

    Typography Trends and Shaping Your Designs Through Text

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    10 minutes

    Typography—the art of arranging type—plays a pivotal role in design. Of course, this is a web design blog, so, we’ll focus on how much of a pivotal role typography plays on the web. It’s not just about choosing fonts; it’s about creating an immersive user experience. This is the fourth article in the design series…

  • Responsive Design: Beyond Mobile

    Responsive Design: Beyond Mobile

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    13 minutes

    The third article in this week’s series on design (Color, UX). It honestly seemed less complicated than I thought it would be when coming up with the concept for this article. As I outlined what I was going to cover, I realized that the steps are more intricate and require more care than I initially…

  • Enhancing User Experience (UX) Design for WordPress

    Enhancing User Experience (UX) Design for WordPress

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    7 minutes

    When designing a site using WordPress, you have a unique opportunity to create exceptional user experiences. As a theme this week, I’m going to continue discussing the ideas behind design, and how it affects perception/feelings of the users of any given interface. I started yesterday with color theory, today we’ll look over UX principles and…

  • Color Psychology in Design

    Color Psychology in Design

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    8 minutes

    The world of color psychology is a fascinating and foundational part of design in general. As a graphic designer and web designer, or as a student in the field, you should understand that color isn’t just about aesthetics—it profoundly influences user experiences, emotions, and behaviors. I’m sure we’ve all seen a website or ad that…