Expect to be Impressed

And now for something completely different. The Rockies are in the race again and it couldn’t be more exciting. It seems that every year someone steps up to carry the offense on their shoulders. This year that man is Carlos Gonzalez. The consistency issues for the team as a whole seem to have subsided as they’ve lifted their run differential by 10 runs in one week versus 2 of the best teams in the league.

They are nipping at the heels of the Giants who are now only 2 games ahead in the division. The battle for the wildcard is in full swing and another magic run like the ’07 win streak could be possible. An upcoming series with the Padres could move them into prime position to control their own destiny.

The defense is fortified by Ubaldo Jiminez who is the league wins leader with a record of 18-6. His numbers speak for his ability and the potential claim to the Cy Young. With all this positivity it came as a shock to fans as all time Rockies wins leader, Aaron Cooke, went down with a broken leg in the 9-2 Wednesday win over the Reds. He took a line drive to the leg and his injury was, at first, thought to have been a bruise. He is expected to return if their run doesn’t end at the end of the month with the end of the regular season.

If the Rockies can maintain their current offensive renaissance, the will overtake the Giants and in the very least be the wildcard winners. The next month is a homestand. They cannot settle for splitting series’ and must go into each game with the much discussed ‘must-win mentality.’ Consistency is key. The offense has to continue to play at the level that the defense has played for much of the season.

For a team declared dead by some local voices in sports they seem very focused on proving that assumption wrong. Stealing home to gain the go ahead run is not an easy thing to do and like I said before, could be the springboard for a return to the glory of the ’07 season. This series was won with heroic efforts. This sweep should prove that the Rockies are alive and kicking.